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Latest Trend on the Rise: Coworking

In today’s ever-changing world, it’s difficult to keep up at times. This rings especially true in our work environments. More and more people are walking away from a traditional office space and migrating towards coworking space.

What is coworking space you may ask? Coworking space is a shared workplace environment where individuals from different organizations gather to conduct independent activity. Typically membership based, spaces vary on price depending on location and quantity of users from a particular member company. While many people may think this is a new concept, it was actually first introduced in 1995 when a group of engineers created a space for computer hackers to meet and work together in Berlin. This concept soon began to surge and in 2005, the first official coworking space opened in San Francisco.

Right On Pointe has utilized coworking space called Roam Innovative Workplace since 2015. We have developed a work week concept where our teammates work remotely from home on Mondays and Fridays and meet at our “office” Tuesdays-Thursdays. Being a small business event planning company, cost and flexibility are two very important factors to how we conduct our business. It is a more cost effective option due to the fact that we are eliminating fixed costs, such as a longterm lease, facility management, and utilities. Our frequent travel is also more conducive to a coworking space, as there is no office upkeep while our team is off site during business trips and the like.

Every office concept, whether it be traditional, coworking, or working from home, has its advantages and disadvantages. However, for our needs, the pros of coworking unquestionably outweigh any cons.


Lower cost

Modern design

Pay for only what you use

No facility management responsibility

Networking opportunities

Drives collaboration

Flexibility – no lease, just month-to-month membership basis

Hospitality-focused service and amenities

Multiple locations throughout the city


Can be distracting for some

Wi-Fi security may be a concern

Few options for company branding/customization unless you obtain a dedicated private space

While not the most suitable option for all companies, coworking spaces are gaining popularity with entrepreneurs and millennial generation. Who knows, maybe we will see you one day at our non-traditional “office” space soon!

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