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Right On Pointe’s expertise far exceeds standard event planning tasks, enabling us to deliver exceptional results and surpass client expectations. The services we provide our clients span a broad spectrum. For some, we manage all aspects of their events. For others, only limited components. Some clients utilize our services for their more typical event planning needs, such as site selection, hotel management and menu selection. Others rely on our expertise for more in-depth collaboration, such as developing event messaging, establishing metrics for success, assisting in effective communications to key stakeholders, and expanding the impact of events with additional integrated campaigns.


Meetings and events are often invaluable tools when fostering dialog between various teams and departments within your organization, as well as customers, partners and prospects. In addition, they offer a launching pad for new company initiatives, better aligning key groups within the company, and provide the perfect venue to celebrate and recognize achievements. Right On Pointe specializes in producing unforgettable experiences to ensure attendees return year-after-year. We’re able to create that memorable experience by ensuring your message is tied to the event in not only obvious, but subtle ways, to create a unique journey for all. 


 Virtual/Hybrid Events

 Users Conference

 Sales Events

Incentive Programs

Customer Appreciation Events

Trade Shows and Expos

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