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Benefits of Using a Third Party Meeting Planner

Today, many marketing teams are inadequately staffed to handle the increased workload events demand, due to the accelerated time frame within which they typically fall. That’s where a third party meeting planner can provide a great deal of value; by right-sizing the marketing staff with seasoned marketing representatives, with the ability to absorb any workload required. Below are six benefits to hiring a third party meeting planning agency:

TIME SAVINGS Outsourcing certain tasks to a third party vendor allows you to effectively free your staff to concentrate on what matters most to your event. Trying to do too much with too little, requiring marketing teams unnecessary focus on tactics instead of strategy, often diminishes the impact of the event.


Outsourcing provides marketing teams instant access to the expertise of seasoned event professionals with experience managing meetings and events of all types and sizes. These professionals can offer ideas, proactively identify and remedy deficiencies, plug in gaps and make improvements based on best practices and past experience to help create the total event solution that meets your goals.


Now more than ever, responsibility, accountability and transparency are expected in all phases of the event process to ensure companies are achieving event goals and realizing sufficient return on investment. By working with an accountable 3rd party to help develop metrics and reporting (everything from comprehensive registration reporting to a break down of F&B spend), you’ll be better able to rally support and buy-in from stakeholders within your organization, but also create a course of action to improve future events.

BUYING POWER By partnering with a Meeting Planner, you’ll leverage established relationships with affordable, reliable and professional suppliers to maximize your buying power and generate significant cost savings.


When you have one go-to organization for all of your meeting and event needs, you’re never faced with the challenge of managing several different suppliers, contractors or other service providers. A centrally-managed approach makes life easier by coordinating all of your suppliers through one experienced company. NO JOB THREAT Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing to a 3rd party for some or all of your events needs does not pose a threat to your job or the jobs of others within your organization. In fact, 3rd parties often act as an extension of your staff and provide an increased level of expertise, service and support that would not be available otherwise. When your event is executed flawlessly, comes in under budget, produces a significant return on investment and creates a memorable experience that attendees can’t stop talking about, you’re going to come out looking like a hero.

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