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What's In My Travel Bag


As a meeting planner, we are always traveling and spending lots of time in airports. I love getting ideas from other planners about their essentials they can not travel without and decided I wanted to share mine as well.

1.) MacBook Pro - Like any other planner, it always starts with my Mac. As well as my charger. Our computers are just as important as our phones.

2. ) Mophie power pack - These get used more than expected especially when we are onsite. Our phones are constantly ringing and text messages are non stop. So the juice gets low pretty quick.

3.) Business cards - You never know who you will run into or who you will spark up conversations with. Let's be real, planners love to socialize!

4.) Reading materials - I love reading through the latest planning magazine to get ideas, advice and check out the latest trends in our industry. Some times, I pack a good book for the way home. Usually, my brain is fried after a work trip and I need something to bring me back down to Zen.

5.) Snacks - I find myself hungry at very odd times. But a planners life is hectic and we never eat on a regular schedule. I try to keep a bag of nuts or trail mix whenever I travel. And my Swell keeps water cold for at least 24 hours. I love the smaller size to keep in my purse and refill it as I can. Most places are adding a filter system to water fountains which makes it easier for me to stay hydrated.

6.) Stationary - I still take notes and jot down ideas so I keep a small notebook in my bag at all times. As well as plenty of pens at an easy reach. And most planners will agree, you can always find highlighters and sharpies in our bags.

7.) Scarf - It never fails, winter or summer, I am ALWAYS cold. So I travel with a scarf that is super comfy and oversized so I can use it as a small blanket on the plane. It's a life saver for me when I travel.

9.) Sunglasses - This is one of those things that for the longest time I never had and always regretted it when the time came. Until I bought my first pair of Ralph Lauren aviators. Now, just like my cell phone, they never leave my side.

8.) Medicine - Ibuprofen is usually somewhere in my bag. Along with vitamins. I just use a medicine bottle with it all mixed together and keep it replenished. You never know, sometimes a B12 is just what is needed for an extra boost of energy.

9.) Travel size perfume and gloss - Whoever thought of these travel size sticks with a perfume roller ball and a lip gloss on the other side was a genius. I can't tell you how many times I have had to rush to the next meeting or event without being able to change or go to my room. But my Kate Spade perfume and gloss helps me refresh in seconds.

10.) The extra girly stuff - Let's admit it, women are a bit high maintenance. But these things make us feel good! My favorite skin care line right now is DIONIS. It's made with natural goat milk. They have the best scents and it's so soft and refreshing. I am also a huge fan of Aveda products. My Concentrate essential oil roller ball is a great stress reliever. I seriously swear by this thing at night! An EOS lip balm is a must. And of course, hand sanitizer. Between shaking hands and opening boxes filled with conference goodies, I could go through an entire bottle in one event.

What are some must-have's in your bag? I always have room for more!

Thanks for reading - Heather

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