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Vehlo is a leading provider of software and financial solutions for the automotive repair industry. With a multi-company portfolio and a fairly novice marketing team, Vehlo knew they needed outside help with the nearly 60 events on the horizon. With the right team by their side, Vehlo aimed to establish a holistic approach to event marketing, enhance stakeholder alignment, and achieve measurable ROI.


Lean marketing team

Multiple companies in one portfolio

No holistic approach to events

Lack of post-event communication

Although Vehlo’s marketing team worked diligently to make their solutions known across the auto repair industry, their event planning strategy needed more structure and foundation. The team turned to Right On Pointe to make up for their lack of event marketing representation as they planned for National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) 2023.

Being a multi-company portfolio, Vehlo needed a repeatable process they could continue to use across all event strategies moving forward. Questions they needed answered included:

What does the entire event strategy look like?

How do we define event logistics?

What goes into onsite execution?

How do we tier our events?

How do we determine a successful event?

"We were looking to Right On Pointe to help us create event marketing.” Autumn Fleck, Executive Vice President Revenue Growth


Right On Pointe worked closely with Vehlo to develop a comprehensive event marketing process for NADA 2023. They provided guidance from initial event planning to onsite logistics, creating a scalable and repeatable process applicable to Vehlo’s team across various event types. Right On Pointe helped set clear goals, define desired outcomes, establish measurable metrics, and align stakeholders with event marketing best practices. Additionally, the Right On Pointe team facilitated the integration of event messaging into Vehlo’s existing marketing campaigns, ensuring a cohesive and connected approach.

"Once we understood what the event process looked like, and we could repeat that process, we were very excited to wrap our arms around more as we continued to learn from Right On Pointe.” Autumn Fleck


The implementation of Right On Pointe’s strategies had a significant impact on Vehlo’s event marketing efforts. The development of a repeatable process and alignment of goals led to a positive reaction from the team, fostering excitement and desire to explore further opportunities. Vehlo’s stakeholders, initially skeptical due to previous lackluster event experiences, recognized the value of Right On Pointe’s holistic approach as it offered a thorough post-event analysis and demonstrated the potential for ROI.

The Vehlo team reported:

Improved booth experiences

Better attendee journeys

A more structured approach to lead follow-up and communications plans

Positive impact on ROI

“Right On Pointe’s data-driven conversations with stakeholders proved pivotal in driving ROI and gaining stakeholder alignment.” Autumn Fleck

From the start, Vehlo was impressed by Right On Pointe’s profound grasp of their business and ability to fuel data-driven conversations. Right On Pointe delved deeper into Vehlo’s business model, going beyond event execution to foster stakeholder alignment and showcase the impactful ROI that events could deliver.

Overall, Vehlo’s collaboration with Right On Pointe for event marketing resulted in a comprehensive and scalable approach, aligning multiple portfolios and key stakeholders, and demonstrating the true potential for events to drive results. With Right On Pointe’s support, Vehlo’s event marketing team evolved from novices to a more mature and strategic unit, poised for success in their future event endeavors.

"Not only do we now have better alignment with marketing and sales on our post-show follow ups and communications plan, but we are able to create analytics and reports on where we think we’ll land at the end of the show and then compare those with the show budget to show true event ROI.” Autumn Fleck


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