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For OneSource Virtual, this customer appreciation event, which coincides with Workday Rising, is the most important event of the year. Right On Pointe begins this project every year by identifying at least ten potential locations in the chosen city. This year, the client would be returning to Las Vegas, and our team secured the popular night club, Hakkasan. 


After negotiating the contract and securing two well-known Vegas DJ’s, we entered the design process. This has historically been the most exciting and important part of this project. Our team works closely with the OneSource Virtual design team to create 3-5 different creative concepts until it’s narrowed down to one. The theme for this year was called NEXT, as in, what will OneSource Virtual do next? 


An important part of the theme was to create a specific mood for the first hour of the evening, brought on by a focus on the color white. With multiple screens throughout and white lights illuminating the entire club, and the costumes and make-up of the entertainment, along with over 1200 RF LED glowing bracelets that were set to the sounds of the DJ, and beamed from every guest's arm, the desired effect was reached. When the first hour was up, the club transitioned from white to pitch black. And with the drop of a beat from the DJ, the entire club lit up in an array of colors from the bracelets, the lighting and branding in the club changed to a new brand of colorful designs, and the entertainment flew out with bright costumes and make-up from every color of the rainbow. The confetti popped over the dance floor and the kryogenifex was engaged. 


The extremely detailed planning of the evening came down to exactly one second. Where the entire mood had to switch from a black and white world to brilliant diverse color. And it was all done to ensure guests left the party asking, what will they do NEXT!


OneSource Virtual


Customer Appreciation


  • An opening and closing DJ

  • Themed dancers and entertainment throughout the event

  • Confetti and kryogenifex bursts to energize the crowd

  • Floor to ceiling LED screen branding

  • Aerialist suspended above the dance floor



Customized Costumes

Glow Bracelets


VIP Sky Booths


Roaring at Rising

OneSource Virtual


OneSource Virtual

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 1.35.01 PM.png

OneSource Virtual

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