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NRF 2019

How does a company ensure that of 38,000 attendees, their target audience is able to easily find their exhibit among the sea of over 300 exhibitors at one of the largest retail shows in the world? That was the challenge Kibo faced when exhibiting at NRF 2019. In order to overcome this challenge, Kibo enlisted the help of Right On Pointe. 


Kibo’s primary goal in exhibiting at NRF 2019 was to drive traffic to their 20x20 booth and ultimately reach their bookings revenue goal. In order to accomplish this goal, Kibo ran two different programs pre-, during and post-event. One campaign focused on generating general booth traffic.  The second was focused on high value prospects. The execution around each campaign was meticulous to ensure the right message and content reached each target audience. 


In addition, Kibo felt it was important the overall messaging shared by the booth staff in attendance include a compelling customer story. Right On Pointe collaborated with the Kibo marketing team to identify potential customers to highlight and how their story and products could be incorporated into the booth. Ultimately, the decision was made to showcase Jelly Belly, a satisfied customer of Kibo. Not only did Jelly Belly have an incredible story to tell on how they use the Kibo solution suite, but their products would also provide an impactful experience for any visitors to the booth. While prospects dispensed some of the more than 700 pounds of Jelly Belly jelly beans into their bags, they also learned how Kibo’s products assisted Jelly Belly with their operations. It was a win-win for everyone.


Right On Pointe was by Kibo’s side in all planning, managing and executing of their presence at NRF 2019. Whether it was in a collaborative strategy session or talking about specific execution of a campaign, Right On Pointe was instrumental in helping Kibo reach their goals.




Trade Show


  • Brand refresh of booth properties

  • Updated, larger presence of customer stories

  • Defined roles and targets for 20+ onsite staff members

  • Implemented new Kibo marketing campaign

  • Consistent uniform aligned with Kibo culture


20x20 Booth


Lbs of Jelly Beans


Booth Staff Onsite


Right On Pointe sources and manages keyn


Lanyon Live


Connecting sponsors and exhibitors in ex
Aptean UC


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