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Emerald City at

House of Blues

The House of Blues Dallas is the premier venue of that city, which is why our client, Omnitracs, chose this enormous setting to host a night out for their attendees. Not only does it offer 3 amazing levels, each capable of hosting its own event simultaneously, with no overlap, Each level provides options for a separate and unique music experience. Right On Pointe hired the well-known band, Emerald City for the main music hall, where guests could party along to their favorite songs from a number of eras and genres. A country band was featured in the restaurant and a jazz band in the very popular Foundation Room, where in addition, hand rolled cigar branded to the event that guests could be enjoyed on the patio or taken home as a souvenir. 


In addition to entertainment, Right On Pointe focused on taking care of Omnitracs’ top sponsor that partnered in hosting this night. Our team worked closely with the Omnitracs design team to create custom, oversized posters, which were displayed in the venue entryway, as well as smaller posters scattered throughout the entire venue. In addition, the large LED screen that stands high above the entrance welcomed guests from Omnitracs and their sponsor with a special message. There were also smaller marquees with messaging from sponsors and Omnitracs in each room. 


Attendees not only enjoyed musical entertainment and signature cocktails on each level, they could find themselves in a lip-sync battle with other attendees or shop at the House of Blues retail shop and receive a 15% discount. Just exploring the famous and funky vibes of the venue with no limitations, ensured an unforgettable experience for everyone.




Customer Appreciation


  • Full buyout of the House of Blues Dallas 

  • Hand rolled cigars in the Foundation room

  • Conference branding and sponsor branding scattered throughout the venue

  • Discount for all attendees in the House of Blues retail store

  • Lip-sync Battle


Custom Posters Throughout the Venue


Square Foot Venue


Piece Band


After Dark





OneSource Virtual

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